Oravida delicacies are specially prepared and selected for you. Minimally processed and direct from Farm Gate to Plate, we deliver New Zealand's most premium lamb. Oravida Lamb cuts are tender, flavoursome and full of nutrition. Be sure not to miss the mouth-watering seafood. Oravida is dedicated to provide the very best New Zealand seafood to our consumers. Fresh, tasty and succulent are few of the many attributes of Oravida's seafood. Proudly selected from a country bestowed with natural beauty and tempered climate, our dairy, honey, mineral water and fruits are all brought to you just the way nature intended.

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  • Oravida Scampi is a genuinely rare delicacy from the deep pure oceans. With a glittering and translucent shell body, it has recognizable rich colour, taste and flavour. From sashimi to seafood risotto, it can be enjoyed in many ways, both hot and cold.Read More >
  • Oravida King Salmon is hatched in clear rivers in Southern Alps and raised in cool, remote waters, also renowned for their silvery white skin and full, rounded bodies. From raw sashimi to hot steamed salmon, it can be used in a wide variety of dishes.Read More >
  • Oravida Orange Roughy transmits the beauty of its bright eye-catching red body while delivering an excellent flavor and texture. It can be served with a wide range of sauces and seasonings and is ideal for restaurants and families alike.Read More >