Who we are

Oravida is a young, dynamic and innovative food company bringing the very best of New Zealand's produce to China.  Established in 2011, Oravida exports New Zealand's highest quality premium food products through multiple sales channels.  Our produce is sourced directly from our own farms, processing plants and upstream supply partnerships. 

Our goal is to drive agriculture production and revenue whilst bringing some of the world's best produce to the world's biggest consumer market. Our global team has its head office in Shanghai, where industry pioneers and co-founders Mr Stone Shi and Ms Julia Xu ensure Oravida lead the way in the food export industry.

What we stand for

Oravida is a combination of two words: “Ora" meaning" be well/healthy” in Maori, and “vida" meaning “life” in Spanish.  Together, Oravida encapsulates the healthy living we are passionate about bringing to our customers.

Oravida's motto “Eat well. Live well. Be well” is our promise to our customers: 
Eat well represents our offering. Premium food from New Zealand to Chinese customers.
Live well represents our philosophy. Our mission to inspire, educate and help our customers lead a healthy lifestyle.
Be well represents our values.  We constantly pursue and assure the best quality products with the highest standards in taste and food safety.

What we offer

Our menus are full of fresh, high quality food and drink, delivering quality flavours sourced from the best of New Zealand's producers.  We offer a wide selection of premium New Zealand water, seafood, meat, milk, dairy, fruits and wines, providing an all-round taste sensation.  Our products are a showcase of New Zealand's best farms & winemakers.

Accessing treasures from New Zealand's land and sea, Oravida products allow you to savour some of the world's best food and drink.  Bringing you the highest standards of freshness and taste, our products promise to rejuvenate and revitalise your taste buds.

What we aim for

Everything we do at Oravida comes back to our belief in great food as the foundation for good health. Our motto “Healthier Food, Healthier Life” reminds us of this belief every day.  

That's why we focus on showcasing the benefits of premium New Zealand food, by highlighting its freshness and natural qualities along with health benefits. We aim to provide our consumers with healthy products essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Who we work with

The food industry along with the Chinese and New Zealand economies are without doubt three of the fastest growing and most vibrant markets at present. Our world class organisation is actively evolving and reinventing itself at every level to remain competitive and robust against other traditional food marketers and other agricultural producers. 

We share our passion for promoting healthier lifestyles with all our partners.